Are You Wearing the I'm Busy Badge?
Are you wearing your busyness as a badge of honour? I know I was for many years and it led me down a path of many health issues....twice! Yeah, it takes me a couple of times to learn things.

The first crash I had was at 26 when I stopped having a period, had adrenal fatigue, vertigo, migraines, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, IBS and more.

I had worked full time and studied full time for a decade and my body had enough. I remember feeling sad that I had to take a 6 month medical leave from my second Masters degree...but I was also SO RELIEVED!

The second crash was not so long ago and my body is still recovering from it. I still work hard - Anyone that knows me knows that to be true, however, I now ensure I take at least 1 if not, 2.5 days off per week. I no longer work until bedtime either. Two things that have made a huge difference in my physical and mental health.

You see, when we are constantly busy, constantly doing, our body goes into survival mode. This can have huge implications both physically and emotionally. Do any of these resonate with you?

*Problems falling asleep and/or staying asleep *Racing thoughts
*Anxiety with or without panic attacks
*Gut issues
*Constipation or diarrhea
*Easily overwhelmed
*Weight gain and/or inability to lose weight - especially around the middle
*Feeling tired but wired
*Brain fog and/or poor memory
*Cravings for salt and/or sugar 
*Needing coffee or other caffeine to get you through the day
*Low libido
*Decreased immune function
*Unable to relax or unwind
*Comfort eat or drink
*Known thyroid, adrenal and/or sex hormone issues

This list is by no means exhaustive. 

Guys, we HAVE to start taking care of ourselves and decreasing the stressors that we CAN control -- because life does like to throw curve balls sometimes.

Let's stop wearing a busy lifestyle as a badge of honour. It's not! Let's put self care in the form of rest, relaxation, time out and days off first!

When we are rested and recharged physically and mentally we will be more productive, present, motivated and happy.


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