My journey originally started in Psychology. When I was 16 my father took his own life after suffering years of a debilitating gambling addiction. 

I did a Bachelor’s in Psych as I wanted to understand why he made the choices that he did. I also wanted to ensure that I never went down that path and could help those suffering as he did. I loved it so much I went on to do a Masters.

It was during that time that I got sick. I’m talking woke up one morning and couldn’t get out of bed, sick. For many years I felt helpless and frustrated!

Let me back up for a second. Prior to this, life consisted of pain and fatigue. I had digestive issues, food intolerances and IBS from childhood. 

Through my teens and early 20's I was getting 2-3 migraines a month around my cycle and headaches more than half the month. My periods were so painful that I had to miss work or school the first 1-2 days. I would literally lie on the floor or the bed curled in the fetal position and cry from the pain. I would take 1-2 packs of Ibuprofen each month and still didn't get much relief.

Then, at 26, my period stopped altogether and things went downhill fast

For the first time in my life I was feeling apathetic and overwhelmed. Over the course of the next two years I was diagnosed with a host of conditions – are you ready for the laundry list? The first diagnosis was PCOS. I was told that I was infertile, that I would never have children and that IVF wasn’t an option for me. I was also told that I was pre-diabetic, that my liver was worse than an alcoholic’s (and I don’t drink), that I had migraine disorder, vertigo, and adrenal fatigue. The cherry on the cake was a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s at 28.

I was in complete and utter shock. I couldn’t fathom that a 28-year-old Personal Trainer, who looked fit and healthy on the outside, could be in such disarray on the inside.  

Over the two years I saw five doctors and a Naturopath and nothing improved.

And then one day a friend and I got in touch. She told me to change my diet and take specific supplements. I figured I had nothing to lose, and so I did! I went onto a low-carb diet and was taking upward of 30-40 pills a day…and guess what?! Three months later my period started!! How incredible is that?!

Over the next two years all of my health ailments rectified

Well, all except my Hashi’s – more on that in a minute. My cycles became clockwork, they were manageable, the migraines and vertigo disappeared and my liver and blood sugar levels returned to the normal range! How exciting is that?! The best part, I can now have children should I choose! Having that option is incredible!

I was so excited and inspired that I went back to school to study Nutritional Medicine and Naturopathy.

Now, let’s talk about my Hashi’s. That only went into remission when I was 31 (a decade ago!) after decreasing my toxic load. 

That was a light bulb moment for me and the moment I got fired up to share with others the importance of leading a low-tox life. I love educating people where toxins are found, what impact they have on physical and emotional wellbeing, and what products to replace them with to support their wellbeing. 

Life is so different to what it was 15 years ago. 

I have the energy and the mental capacity to engage in life! I am present and am thriving. Oh, and I laugh! I actually laugh out loud, something that eluded me for many years.

I am happy and healthy and it is my mission to help YOU be the happy, healthy person you are meant to be!

I would love for you to join our exclusive community and learn how you too can find freedom from physical and emotional barriers. I look forward to seeing you there!

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