Lose Weight, Enhance Your Fitness & Build Lean Muscle!

Learn how to strength train in a way that not only changes the way you look, but supports your hormone health in this 8 week program! 

Kicks off August 14th!

progressive overload workouts are where it's at!
Progressive overload is a type of strength training that slowly increases the intensity of workouts in order to prevent a plateau in muscle mass and strength.

This is crucial in terms of results. Why?

Because if you were to continue to do the same exercises at the same weight, your body will get to a point where it is no longer challenged...

And that means you stop seeing results. You hit a plateau.

Not what you want!

With progressive overload training, your body is continuously challenged, forcing it to adapt and allowing you to see consistent progress and results.

Pretty awesome, right?

Now, I can hear you already...

But Jen, you say that high intensity training isn't good for hormone health! And you're right!

The intensity in progressive overload training comes from adding more weight or more repetitions...

It doesn't mean intensity in terms of increasing your heart rate.

With progressive overload training, your heart rate is in the low to moderate level...

Which is the perfect level to support hormone health & allow you to see changes to your body shape and strength

Get healthy, fit & strong now!

Introducing Healthy, fit, strong!

Your 8 week strength training program to help you lose weight, enhance your fitness & build lean muscle!

The workouts in this program have been designed in a specific order to help create a strong, toned body that not only looks great, but can support you in your every day movements.

Healthy, Fit, Strong sculpts and tones your body...

It doesn't create bulky muscles.

Although you will get some great muscle definition! Who doesn't want that?!

The beauty of this program is you can do the workouts either from the comfort of your own home or at the gym...or both!

Video tutorials are given for every exercise in both home and gym settings, so the choice is yours!

The Healthy, Fit, Strong Experience

complete 8 week progressive overload workout program $247 VALUE

✔️ Specifically designed workouts in a precise sequence to help you lose weight, enhance your fitness & build lean muscle

✔️ Demonstration videos for each exercise

✔️ Option to use home gym equipment, such as, dumbbells and resistance bands

✔️ Option to use gym equipment, including, barbells, dumbbells, cables and machines

full body Foam roller demonstration video $27 VALUE

✔️ Foam rolling before a workout can increase circulation to the tissues, enhance range of motion, tissue elasticity & flexibility

✔️ Foam rolling prior to exercise can allow you to move better during your workout & help prevent injury

Post workout stretching video $27 value

✔️ Post workout stretching decreases lactic acid buildup, thereby helping to reduce muscle stiffness & soreness

✔ Stretching improves flexibility, which limits joint & muscle strain and can help prevent injury
✔️ Stretching improves blood flow, which can help quicken recovery time

special bonuses to enhance your results

Bonus #1: Hormone friendly shopping Guide ($27 Value)

This six page shopping guide will help you pack your fridge and cupboards full of foods that will support your hormone health! It lists everything from various animal proteins to baking essentials, fruit & vegetable options to healthy fats. 

This shopping guide takes the guess work out of what to grab at the grocery store and gives you limitless food combinations that suit your palate...so that you actually like what you are eating! 

Bonus #2: Webinar On Going Gluten Free ($97 Value)

Removing gluten from your diet can be difficult. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when doing so. Not only around what foods you need to avoid, which ones you can eat, where you are going to buy these foods, how to cook with the new ingredients, etc. 

The good news is that there is a ton of information out there to help answer every one of these questions. However, something that isn't discussed enough is the psychological aspect of giving up gluten.

For example, feeling a loss of identity when a large portion of your culture's food is removed. Or perhaps you are mourning the loss of certain foods. That is completely normal!

What is going to happen within your household when it comes to gluten? Will you be the only person gluten free? Or will your entire household do so? How do the other parties involved feel about it?  

These elements need to be discussed as they can really help or hinder your progress when it comes to removing gluten. 

This webinar will teach you the psychological aspects of going gluten free, how you can overcome the barriers and set yourself up for success.

BONUS #3: 14 Day Meal Plan ($97 VALUE)

It can be difficult to know what to eat and when. This meal plan gives you delicious, hormone friendly recipes that are easy to make and don't have you spending hours in the kitchen.

Paleo and vegetarian meal plan options available.
Join now and you'll get...


8 Week Progressive Overload Program ($247 VALUE)
Full Body Foam Roller Demonstration Video 
($27 VALUE)
Post Workout Stretching Video 
($27 VALUE)


Shopping Guide ($27 VALUE)
Giving Up Gluten Webinar ($97 VALUE)
14 Day Meal Plan ($97 VALUE)

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