Set Yourself Up For Success

Set Yourself Up For Success
Over on social media, we have been discussing ways to set ourselves up for success on our healing journeys...

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Two big things we covered are strengths and support...meaning knowing and using your strengths and enlisting a solid support network.

Both of these are integral to your long term success.

Understanding your strengths is an important part of your hormone journey - well, any journey really. The reason being, these are our resources, the things we are going to reach toward and lean on when times get tough along the way -- because they will!

Your strengths will help you overcome any adversity you have along the way. This means it is vital for you to identify what they are so that you can implement them as needed.

There are a couple of tests that you can use to help you figure out exactly what your strengths are.

Of course, you are more than welcome to list some of the things you know you are great at, in addition to the tests! 

For example, I know that I am quite determined. Once I decide that I am going to do something, I do it. No excuses. 

There really is power in focusing on our strengths because it can be all too easy to remember our previous failed attempts at things. We don’t want those negative thoughts hindering our progress or shaking our confidence in creating healthy hormones. 

Instead, take stock of your strengths. Recognise and honour your unique abilities to help you succeed. 

I totally get that it can be hard to identify strengths sometimes -- which is why I am recommending you take the following two tests:

The first is from

You will see, the University of Pennsylvania actually came up with this. All you need to do is register on their page, it is free. 

Then, click on questionnaires and choose the Brief Strengths Test on the left hand side. It only takes a few minutes to complete.

Once done, be sure to write down your top strengths so you can reflect back on them and figure out how to use them on your health journey. 

Gratitude and Appreciation were two of my top strengths on this test.

Now you may be thinking, how is gratitude going to help on my hormone journey (as this has been my main journey the past decade)? 

Well, how about being grateful for all of the things that my body CAN do. Being grateful that there are things I can do to shift my hormone profile? Right? An attitude of gratitude goes a long way --- and can have a major impact on hormone health actually.

Now, the second test is from

Again, you need to register, but it is also a free test. It shouldn’t take more than 10 to 15 minutes.

Getting an idea of your character strengths can also benefit your health journey, not only in the coming days and weeks, but beyond that.

For example, if one of your character strengths is that you are fun to be around - well, then, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a walking buddy, right? 

Perhaps you are an optimistic person. Well, this would help you see mistakes and hiccups as minor setbacks, rather than believing you are a failure. 

Get creative and really think about how you can apply your strengths to your health journey, okay?

And then what I want you to do is enlist some support. Remember, your healing progress is not going to be linear and you are going to need your strengths, but also support in order to succeed. 

So, have a little think. What kind of support are you going to need? 

Do you need a workout partner or a personal trainer to ensure you get your exercise in? 

Do you need your family to keep certain foods outside of the home? 

Do you need your work to provide GF options at meetings? 

Write down exactly what kind of support you need in order to succeed.

Remember, people aren’t mind readers, so you are going to have to let them know exactly what you need from them.

I encourage you to seek support from others going through the same thing as you as well. That way you have someone who can not only empathize, but relate to some of the things you are dealing with. 

Seek support, but also support others. It is amazing the things we can achieve together!

You may look at Facebook, Instagram or other online communities. For example, you may want a Paleo community or a gluten-free community that has lots of recipes. 

You may enlist an accountability partner -- whatever you need, ask for it! 

Really think about the type of support you need, who you can enlist and why you need that support --- then go get!

I can’t wait to hear what your strengths are and who enlist on your support team!