The Dangers of Perfume - Is Your Signature Scent Making You Sick?
When I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's around 2011, I began researching and researching. You see, I am proactive. I like to get sh*t done and do whatever is in my power to improve my life and the lives of those around me -- yes, that includes my furbabies! 
I had a light bulb moment while researching. It really is no wonder that I ended up with a thyroid condi
tion given I was spraying perfume over my thyroid several times a day!! Seriously, I was the perfume QUEEN! If it was my birthday or Christmas or someone was going through Duty Free, they knew to get me some perfume. I even had personal training clients give me perfume as going away presents when I would move countries! Man, is life different now!

I don't beat myself up or anything like that -- Once you know better you do better!! And then you start sharing with and educating others so that they too can know better and do better.

This is really important because we are facing hazards today that were neither known nor imagined just a few decades ago. Sit down for this one -- Since World War II 80,000 chemicals have been invented -- yes, EIGHTY THOUSAND!! Isn't this just mind blowing?!

These chemicals are easily absorbed into our bodies through our skin, when we inhale them and/or when we ingest them.

The problem is that only a TINY fraction of these have been tested for toxicity! So please don't think that it is safe to use just because it is sitting on the store shelf. It isn't.

Please don't think that "just a little bit" is okay. It isn't! You may think, "Well, I have been using these products for years and I feel fine".....Well, at some point I can guarantee you won't.

Our body's natural detoxification process doesn't have limitless capabilities, which means, at some point your toxic cup will overflow and a problem will present itself. That may be in two week, two months, two years or 10 years. We just don't know - but we do know that perfume and the toxic concoction that is fragrance is harmful to the body.

Did you know that legally, the word "fragrance" that is listed on your personal care and cleaning products can have HUNDREDS of chemicals?! Yep. Absolutely disgusting in my opinion. If the 250 chemicals that made up that word fragrance were listed on a bottle would you buy that product??? I highly doubt it! So don't think it is safe just because it is a one word ingredient.

Did you know that many of the chemicals used to make perfume are the SAME AS THOSE FOUND IN CIGARETTE SMOKE?!?! Um, hello -- these are carcinogenic! You know, CANCER CAUSING!! Not okay!!

Any product that contains the word "fragrance" - and thus perfume - contain phthalates. Studies show these are:

-Harmful to the reproductive system
-Harmful to the thyroid
-Decrease female fertility
-Can cause premature breast development in girls
-Can cause birth defects in male reproductive systems
-Decrease sperm count
-Reduce sperm motility
-Damage sperm
-Are a contributing factor in obesity and diabetes


The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics partnered with the Environmental Working Group, and their researchers found that many of the chemicals commonly found in perfume that they tested were linked to allergic reactions and to hormone disruption.

Other problems people may experience with perfume include:

-Flu like symptoms
-Sinus problems

When we use perfume it is being absorbed into our bloodstream - which means those chemicals are reaching every single one of our cells. NOT OKAY!!

Please don't think that you are safe from these effects if you spray it on your clothes. Guess what, you are still inhaling the chemicals, which means they are going to our brain where they can cause some major harm.

Many of the chemicals in perfume have a narcotic effect - meaning we become addicted to the scent!! Say what?!

So please, take the time to educate yourself, throw away your perfume bottles and look at natural options. I personally use essential oils by themselves or make my own perfume using essential oils. There ARE better options. If you need help or ideas please let me know!

From a former perfume addict I can tell you that you can live without your perfume and have fun creating your own unique signature scent that isn't damaging your health.


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