6 Organs for Detoxification

When it comes to detoxification, the liver gets most of the credit. However, there are actually several organs that assist in the detoxification process! 

Let's run through each of these organs and what they help our bodies detox.

First up is the skin. As I am sure you know, it is your largest organ. That means it can pack a punch when it comes to detoxification.

Its role in the detox process is to remove crystal waste products through sweating.

Next up we have the lungs. These eliminate carbon dioxide - the byproduct of breathing - through exhalation.

The lymphatic system is one of my all time favourite things...I absolutely LOVE it! Not only is it a key component in detoxification, it is actually part of your immune system as well - which means it helps to defend you from bacteria and other harmful invaders.

It carries waste away from the tissues and into the bloodstream so that it can then be cycled through the liver or wherever needed for elimination. Pretty impressive I say!

The other cool thing about it is it focuses on removing toxins that have been introduced by both internal and external means -- meaning it will detox internal toxins, like metabolic waste, as well as toxins that have come from our environment.

Next up are the kidneys. They filter out excess salt and waste from cell metabolism. They also regulate water fluid levels.

Now let’s talk about the liver. It is the one everybody know and considered the big gun because it is what makes toxic substances inactive, meaning no longer harmful to us. This then allows them to be eliminated from the body. 

It mainly inactivates and removes harmful substances we ingest, like pesticides or toxic lipstick, harmful minerals, toxic medication, and yes, excess hormones.

Lastly we have the colon - also known as the large intestine. It’s main job is to get rid of leftovers from digestion and excess oestrogen by pooping! The colon is central to detoxification as it is one vessel in which toxins are excreted.

Which is these surprised you the most?


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