PCOS - There IS Hope!
September is National PCOS Awareness Month. As someone who has been through PCOS and all the rubbish that entails, I wanted to share my story and encourage you to share yours. Sharing stories is important to demonstrate that we aren't alone and that there "isn't something wrong with us".

Throughout the month I'm going to give tips and advice that helped me heal. I encourage you to follow me on Instagram @happyandhealthywithjen and watch my stories. I post a ton of useful information there for hormone and mental health.

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When it comes to PCOS, please know that there IS hope and you CAN heal. This is my story.

At 26 I came off the birth control pill. I had been on it for 8 years. I didn't have a period right after coming off it, which the doctor said was normal. I would get ALL the PMS symptoms - bloating, cramping, cravings, headaches, sore breasts, oedema, fatigue, etc...but no period. 6 months went by and still no period. The doctor said that wasn't unusual given the length of time I had been on the pill. My gut said this wasn't right but I took his word for it. When I hit 12 months without a cycle I went back and he said that this was abnormal and I needed to get testing done to check for PCOS.

I had bloods and and internal and external ultrasound done. I remember clear as day the day that I received my diagnosis. I was told that I had PCOS, that I was infertile, that I wasn't ovulating, that I would never have children and IVF wouldn't be an option for me. I was now 28 and on the outside, a very fit Personal Trainer.

I asked what I could do and the doctor literally said "nothing". I said that surely there must be something and he went onto Google and printed out some documents. I ended up seeing 5 doctors and a Naturopath and nothing changed.

Enter my friend Vanessa. She told me to make some dietary changes and get on a number of supplements. Guess what. After TWO YEARS of not having a period, I started menstruating 3 months into these changes. It took another 2 years to regulate, but my periods are now clockwork and I CAN have children should I choose. 


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