PCOS Dietary Exclusions
When I was diagnosed with PCOS, I spent two years exploring ways that I could heal. I went to five doctors and a Naturopath and nothing changed. I sincerely believe that was because diet wasn't discussed -- yes, even with the Naturopath!

When my gorgeous friend, Vanessa, encouraged me to try a low-carb Paleo type of diet, I wasn't convinced it would have an impact, but I thought "well, I've got nothing to lose, so why not?".

Well guess what, three months into that way of eating and my menstrual cycle returned after being absent for TWO YEARS! While I made lifestyle changes and took a bucket of supplements, I can say that the diet was paramount in my success. Nearly 10 years on and if I let my diet slip, my cycles become irregular - fluctuating between 26 and 35 days instead of 28 days. 

When it comes to PCOS, there are a few things we want to avoid. First is caffeine. Excess consumption can impair female reproduction...and in case you weren't aware, PCOS is the largest cause of infertility in women. 

Deep fried foods should absolutely be excluded. Those of us with PCOS are at an increased risk for metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease. Now remember, just because we are at risk, doesn't mean that it has to come into fruition! The risk is like a loaded gun. Diet and lifestyle pull the trigger, so avoid these foods to minimise your risk.

Sugar, even natural sugar like honey and maple syrup, need to be avoided in women with PCOS. Blood sugar issues are common in women with PCOS (I was prediabetic even though I was slim!). Consuming sugar increases blood sugar levels and can subsequently increase symptomology. Consume low GI fruit and keep it to a maximum of two pieces per day.

Refined carbohydrates. These act like sugar in the body, so they must be excluded. Studies have shown these foods (think bread, pasta, conventional baked goods) can exacerbate postprandial insulin resistance.

We must take control where we can with this syndrome. Diet is something that we can, so I encourage you to make the changes. They aren't easy, but I believe in you! You ARE WORTH IT!


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