Hormone Disrupting Chemicals - Are the Products in Your Home Making You Sick?
One of the things that I absolutely love to educate people on are hormone disrupting chemicals. Why? Because they were an integral part of my own hormone journey. I have zero doubt in my mind that my use of toxic personal care and cleaning products contributed to the myriad of hormone issues that I experienced through my teens and 20's.

Seriously though, how could spraying perfume over my thyroid daily not impact my thyroid health?! I sincerely believe it was one of the contributing factors that lead to the development of Hashimoto's thyroiditis.

And guess what? When I decreased my toxic load, my Hashi's went into remission within six months of doing so!! The changes to my diet, exercise, lifestyle and supplement regimen healed my amenorrhea, infertility, PCOS, adreanal fatigue and more...but, they did not bring my thyroid antibodies into range. Do I think that they made an impact on my thyroid health in general? Absolutely! However, it was the reduction in toxins that decreased my thyroid antibodies. Incredible, right?!

Unfortunately, toxins aren't something that many people think about. Or, if they do, they aren't doing proper research to see what products are actually safe. Instead, they choose the bottle or the company that claims the product/s are "natural". 

If that is you, all good! I did that too! I assumed that what I was buying from the health food store and with the "organic" label was safe. It wasn't until I started digging in and searching each ingredient and each company that I learned about greenwashing. 

I quickly came to find that my organic products contained fragrance, which legally, can have hundreds of chemicals...and the companies only need to write "fragrance" on the label!! What?! How is that even legal??

The information I want to share is far too long for a blog post. So, what I am going to do instead, is encourage you to watch this 1.5 hour webinar. Myself and two other knowledgeable women taught a group of people all about these insidious toxins over the weekend -- and we were able to record it! 

In the webinar we discuss the common toxins that mess with hormone health, where they are found, what they do in the body/why we need to avoid them...and then we also discuss healthy alternatives that really are safe. We also show you how to swap to these products very cost effectively -- and we even share some tips to make them go even further!

If you know me, you know that I would NEVER promote or recommend products that I don't truly believe in. It just isn't in my makeup. 

Please set some time aside and watch this webinar and then reach out with any questions. I am more than happy to help as this topic fires me up


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