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I know you are going to love my Hormone Friendly Shopping List! I put a lot of time and effort, heart and soul into this to make sure that you have a list of the exact foods that will help to support your hormone health. 

Want to know something incredible? Sticking to these foods helped me get my period back after it had been absent for two years! Yes, you heard that right, two years!

These foods also played a part in healing my adrenal fatigue, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and allowed me the option to choose if I want to have children or not – That’s right, I am no longer infertile!

Now, I am completely aware that the foods on this shopping list are going to give you an incredible foundation for hormone health – and may well give you some unexpected benefits like more energy, mental clarity and who knows, you may even lose a few pounds, but....

I know you can’t effectively learn how to support and create healthy hormones in just a few pages and with food alone.

I know this because it wasn’t the only thing I did to create and support healthy hormones…and I have had so many women tell me the same thing in my practice!

I have had numerous women tell me that they are eating well and they have had some improvement to their hormone health, but that they never really get to where they want to be…and they ask me why that is and if I can show them exactly the areas they need to support and how to actually do that!

This shopping list is really powerful because it gives you a whole range of foods for you to choose from that are all hormone friendly – But, it doesn’t tell you how much of each food to consume. It doesn't tell you the correct ratio of protein, fat and carbs. It doesn’t tell you how many grams of fiber you need to eat every day or if you need to up your anti-inflammatory foods or include more prebiotic foods, how  many calories to eat, how often to eat, etc. 

It is just a tool.

And tools are really only as good as your ability to know how to apply them, right?

So, instead of leaving you to go at it alone and trust that you will implement all of these foods properly, I’ve got one more opportunity for you.

I have a program called The Healthy Hormone Method that I have recently launched and it has genuinely been my life’s work and my life’s purpose to create this for other women wanting to support their hormone health naturally.

Inside The Healthy Hormone Method I discuss how I healed my own hormone issues. I show you how I went from an infertile, lethargic, overwhelmed, brain fogged mess to an energetic, motivated, healthy woman who has regular menstrual cycles.

I talk about the diet, supplement, exercise and lifestyle changes that brought my hormones from an out of whack mess to healthy and balanced.

So, I want to make that available for you today because I don’t want you to have to go through all the hoops, the trial and error and the overwhelm that I had to go through – because it isn’t fun

Instead, I want you to have clarity, direction and confidence as you go through your own hormone journey using my proven pillars that will help you create your own healthy hormones.

Now, listen up. This is super exciting and I am not going to be offering this again because it’s a little bit crazy.

You may have seen The Healthy Hormone Method, which includes both individual and group coaching for $1497.

But, just for you – and only if you take advantage of this today – as a way of recognizing that you value your hormone health and are ready to take action to support it, I want to reward this doing attitude and your willingness to make decisions (because really, people who put off making a decision rarely actually make them) and create a way for us to get this relationship started on the right foot.

I want to meet you half way and buy 50% of the program for you, so that all you need to do is pay the other 50% to get all the training, the coaching, the meal plan and the support! Sound good?

That means for just $748.50 you’re going to be able to get this in-depth, personalized training that people pay $1497 to get – and it is going to allow you to cut the confusion and overwhelm by having a tailored step by step plan to help support your hormone health naturally! Isn’t that exciting?

So now, you will no longer have to spend hours and hours searching all the books and websites to try and understand what to do, only to be left feeling overwhelmed and confused.

You will no longer have to spend months on end testing and trialing what may work for you!

You will no longer have to feel hopeless and like there is nothing you can do to heal – that this is just the hand that life dealt you.

Now you’ll have the clarity and confidence to know exactly what to do and how to do it so you can support your hormone health. You will know that there is hope and there is healing, not just for me, but for you as well!

So, again, right now as a reward for being an action taker and to honor your commitment to your hormone health, let me meet you halfway today.

Let me show you the method where you can learn from all my years of trial and error, the money it took for me to learn how to heal and from the many years of education I have. You can learn it now by getting access to The Healthy Hormone Method for 50% off!!

Again, yours today if you choose to take it for just $748.50.

Just click the link below and use the code SHOPPING50 to get the discounted rate!

I trust that it will be valuable for you. I trust that you will be able to use it to take your hormone health to the next level. I can’t wait to hear about your results that come from it!

Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your journey! I can’t wait to see you inside! 

We start April 29th!

The Healthy Hormone Method
I invite you to get my signature online program The Healthy Hormone Method, where I walk you through the exact steps you need to take to create healthy hormones naturally. 
($1497  $748.50 - very limited time offer using the code SHOPPING50)

This is the ONLY time you will be able to get this at this very low, discounted price!

Discover My 7 Pillars to Hormone Health

To truly create healthy hormones, you need to support 7 key areas.

In this program I discuss, in depth, the 7 Pillars to Hormone Health that have not only helped 
me create healthy hormones, but hundreds of women as well! This will allow you to take out all of the guesswork so you can support your hormones naturally and effectively!

Are you one of the millions of women that live with imbalances that impact your everyday life and tell yourself that this is just part of being a woman? Do you struggle with mood swings, horrendous menstrual cycles, poor gut health, and weight management issues? 

Do you experience a lack of libido and motivation - and possibly even infertility - and feel something is wrong with you, but never get clear answers?

Are you gripped by the vicious cycle that this imbalance has forced you into: poor physical health hurts your mental health which hurts your physical health and back around again. You’re tired - exhausted, really - and overwhelmed. The day-to-day struggles to embrace and enjoy life - to simply feel joyful and alive in the moment - get harder and harder as your body feel more and more disconnected.

 Maybe you have seen a doctor - or three - to get answers, but are just given a laundry list of diagnoses and pill bottles or, worse yet, no answers. You get told it’s all in your head, your tests are in the “normal” range, or what you are experiencing is just part of life.

Oh, lovely, if this is you, I want you to know...

There is hope and there is healing.

There are answers.

There is more to life than this.

(Psst... It doesn’t come with a dozen medications.)

Use the code SHOPPING50 for a 50% discount!

What You'll Get

If you answered yes to any of the above, then The Healthy Hormone Method is for you! 

This 9-week program is designed to assist you in supporting your hormone health naturally!

In it, we will discuss the 7 Pillars of Hormone Health - Diet, Supplements, Stress Management, Sleep, Gut Health, Exercise and Low-Tox Living...and everything in between! Seriously, we're even going to be discussing essential oils! That way you are fully equipped to support your hormone health in all areas!

There are 60 lessons and over 15 hours of content included in The Healthy Hormone Method so you can get an in-depth understanding of how the body works and how various systems and body parts impact your hormone health...because healthy hormones are about so much more than just the hormones themselves.

Curious to know what the modules include? Check it out:

Module 1:  Create A Rock Solid Foundation
Module 2:  The Gut Health Roadmap
Module 3:  Establishing Your Blood Sugar & Adrenal Framework
Module 4:  The Thyroid Roadmap
There is a one week Doing Week here to catch me, you'll need it!
Module 5:  Sex Hormones Foundations
Module 6:  The Sex Hormone Conditions Blueprint
Module 7:  The Detox Roadmap
Module 8:  The Low Tox Roadmap

On top of all that goodness, you will get:

  2, 30-minute one on one consultations with me 

 Weekly group coaching to help keep you on track, motivated and give you a ton of action and actionable steps

 Exclusive worksheets and handouts so you can easily implement what you have learned

 Lifetime access to our exclusive, members-only FB Inner Circle so you have an ongoing cheer squad, support and resources

 Access to an online nutrition program throughout the duration of the program so your nutrition plan can be tailored to YOU

 Ability to have supplements delivered right to your door -- and 10% off retail products, such as collagen, personal care products, etc

 And more!

Use the code SHOPPING50 to get a 50% discount!
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