A Complete Guide To Naturally Healthy Hormones  

80% of women live with hormone imbalances & 70% aren’t aware of how it could be impacting their life. 

That doesn’t have to be you!


That you’re not supposed to wake up more tired than when you went to sleep? 

That you should get to sleep easily and stay asleep through the night? 

That every day doesn’t have to feel overwhelming and full of anxiety? 

That periods aren’t supposed to be heavy, painful, or irregular?

Unfortunately, this is the reality for so many women. 

They accept the roller coaster of mental and physical health and buy into the lie, “This is just part of being a woman!”

No, it's not!

But millions of women live with imbalances that impact their everyday life and tell themselves that this is how it’s supposed to be. 

They struggle with mood swings, horrendous menstrual cycles, poor gut health, and weight. 

They experience a lack of libido & motivation - and possibly even infertility - and feel something is wrong, but don't get clear answers.

They’re tired - exhausted, really - and overwhelmed.

 Maybe they see a doctor - or three - and are given a laundry list of diagnoses & pill bottles or, worse yet, no answers. 

They get told it’s all in their head, their tests are in the “normal” range, or what they are experiencing is just part of life.

I want you to know...

There is hope and there is healing.

There are answers.

There is more to life than this.

(Psst... It doesn’t come with a dozen medications.)


A custom-made program that will help support your hormones naturally

We don’t just tackle the symptoms, but figure out the root cause so you balance your hormones long term!

In The Healthy Hormone Method I use my 7 Pillars of Hormone Health to support your hormones naturally: Diet, Supplements, Stress Management, Sleep, Gut Health, Exercise, and Low-Tox Living.

Each of these impact your hormones, so we have to address all areas to get things into balance.

This program has a lot of one-on-one support, so space is limited! I want to get to know each and every one of you and help you through your unique situation. 

I only open the course a few times a year, so please don’t miss this opportunity to make a change in your life.


 A 9-week program designed to assist you in supporting your hormone health naturally!

With 60 lessons and almost 15 hours of content, you’ll gain valuable information & tools to help you address your hormones from a natural, holistic perspective

Not to mention the exclusive worksheets and access to my members-only Inner Circle Facebook group - which is full of support and resources! 

I'll help you to create a personalized, custom meal plan, specifically tailored to your individual needs!

You'll also get two one-on-one 30 appointments with me. Because you & your hormones are unique! 

You’ll also be invited to weekly group coaching sessions so we can stay on top of your progress together and your fellow students can offer a sense of belonging and support.


module 1:  Create A Rock Solid Foundation

Your mindset is a big part of your natural wellbeing, so to set you up for success, we’re going to start by tackling your mindset. This is the groundwork for the amazing journey you’re about to embark on!

Module 2:  The Gut Health Roadmap 

Often, a hormone condition is just a symptom of a gut health issue because your gut plays a huge role in your health! This module covers everything about digestion, natural supplements to improve gut health, your gut’s relationship with sleep & more!

Module 3:  Establishing Your Blood Sugar & Adrenal Framework 

Your blood sugar impacts your adrenal system, which can hurt your hormone health & stress levels. This module comes with my exclusive Blood Sugar Balancing Blueprint and my Adrenal Toolkit to help you manage your blood sugar and adrenal health naturally! 

Module 4:  The Thyroid Roadmap

The thyroid can impact your weight, mood and more! This roadmap will guide you through what thyroid problems look like, common causes, and natural foods and supplements you can  use to support your thyroid!

Doing Week

At this point, you’re going to have a lot to do! Over the last 4 modules, you will have received a mountain of information. You’re going to need this week to simply make sure you’re actually implementing what you learn & making the necessary daily changes.

Module 5:  Sex Hormones Foundations 

You'll learn what sex hormones are, what they do, what happens when they are out of whack, and more! We'll also discuss what happens during your menstrual cycle and I'll give you some natural birth control options. 

Module 6:  The Sex Hormone Conditions Blueprint 

In this module I talk about PCOS, estrogen dominant conditions (like endometriosis) and menopause. But we won’t just go over what these conditions look like, I will also give you a toolkit full of natural tools to navigate each one naturally.

Module 7:  The Detox Roadmap

We’re covering detox basics, what organs are involved & to how best to support them naturally. Just like the other modules, this section will come with exclusive worksheets to walk you through this and make the experience even more personalized.

Module 8:  The Low Tox Roadmap 

Your endocrine system is largely what manages your hormones - but  it is often impacted by hormone disrupting chemicals! So this module will cover where endocrine disrupting chemicals are found, what they do, and how to handle them.


Two One on One Appointments with Jen
These individual coaching appointments are crucial as they allow us to tailor your treatment plan specific to your needs.


BONUS #1: Healthy Hormone Method Community 

The Healthy Hormone Method Inner Circle FB group is an exclusive group only for those participating in the program. It is a community of incredible women who are going through similar journeys. You will be supported, encouraged, motivated and inspired.

You get lifetime access to this group so you can continue receiving education and support throughout your journey.

Bonus #2: Shopping List ($27 Value)

Not only will you get a personalized meal plan tailored to your lifestyle, but I will also give you a shopping list to help you pack your fridge and cupboards full of foods that will support your hormone health!

Bonus #3: Webinar On Going Gluten Free

This webinar deals with the psychological aspects of giving up gluten & gives you tips to increase your success.

Bonus #4: Essential Oils Guide

Can essential oils play a role in your hormone health? Yes, absolutely! So how do they work, what do they do, and where should you get them? This guide will dive into all the details about essential oils and their role in your holistic lifestyle. 

Create a Rock Solid Foundation ($197 VALUE)
The Gut Health Roadmap 
($497 VALUE)
Establishing Your Blood Sugar & Adrenal Framework 
($497 VALUE)
The Thyroid Roadmap 
($497 VALUE)
Sex Hormones Foundations 
($297 VALUE)
The Sex Hormones Conditions Blueprint 
($497 VALUE)
The Detox Roadmap 
($297 VALUE)
The Low 
Tax Roadmap ($297 VALUE) 



Shopping List ($27 VALUE)
Webinar on Going Gluten Free ($97 VALUE)
Essential Oils Guide 
($47 VALUE)
The Healthy Hormone Method Community ($497 VALUE)

PLUS: You'll get my discount on supplements!
As a practitioner, I can order any testing you might need, plus set up your supplement prescriptions online so they get delivered right to your door! You will also have access to a wide range of health products at 10% off the retail price!
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