Is poor gut health impacting your wellbeing?
Does it feel impossible to stay away from the sugar and the carbs?

Do you experience bloating? Is it especially worse at night?

Do you experience anxiety and/or depression?

Do you feel like your energy is in the dumps?

Do you experience skin issues?

Does it feel like a never ending struggle to focus and get things done?

Do you have an autoimmune condition?

Are you frustrated that you seem to be doing all the right things, yet the weight won’t budge?

Did you know that poor gut health may be one of the culprits behind each and every one of these things? 

Yep. Great gut health is where it’s at!


The problem is that so many people experience gut health issues... 

You know, where you look six months pregnant after eating, you either poop too much or not enough, your skin has broken out and your mood and hormones are all over the page! 

Guess what --- Some people don't even know that their gut is out of whack! 

That’s right! Some people believe this is just the hand that they have been dealt...
And some aren't aware that many of the symptoms they are experiencing are due to poor gut health!

It can be really difficult to figure this stuff out on your own...

Because we aren't often told that the hormone issues, sleep problems, joint pain or brain fog 
can be symptoms of a gut health issue!

Let's get this done together.
Having knowledge is one thing... Doing something to balance your gut health is another.

I mean, I wish we could change our physiology just by knowing things...wouldn’t that be fabulous?! 

But, the reality is, we actually have to implement specific behaviours and techniques for things to shift. 

And I would love to help you do just that!

Sign up for the 5 day challenge and let's get started:

The Details
LIVE Dates: October 30th - November 3rd, 2023
Where: Private Facebook Group & Via Email

During the challenge, we are going to create your great gut health toolkit so that you can start having regular bowel motions, get rid of the bloat, increase your energy...and a whole lot more!

I’ll be popping in for 20 minutes each day during the live challenge to discuss the 3 main areas you need to look at when it comes to great gut health; diet, lifestyle and supplements. 

I’ll be giving you simple, practical tips that you can start implementing straight away...and carry on well after the challenge has completed.

What’s going to be super fun is that we are all going to be doing this together! 

Every day, for the 5 days, we are going to do the same 2 things (I am keeping those a secret until the challenge starts...gotta keep a little mystery, right?!). Those won’t change. But what will, is that each day you get to pick one extra area to work on depending on what we have covered in that day's coaching!

You may be doing some of the things we’ll be covering already....but you may need to tweak the way you are doing them! I am going to help give you the confidence to make those changes, knowing they are what is going to support your body best.

Being part of this community and implementing these great gut health strategies together is powerful! It is going to help support, motivate and encourage you, while also keeping you accountable!

I will also be sharing a Hormone Friendly Shopping List with you and Fiber-Rich Foods Handout so you know exactly what to eat to support your gut health naturally! 

The Great Gut Health Challenge is going to help take not only your gut, but your mood, skin and energy to the next level...and will give you the tools needed to create an environment for healthy hormones and easy weight management.

Ready to Get Great Gut Health?

Let's do this! 
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