When it comes to overall well-being, mood & weight management, getting the right labs run is vital

Grab my free checklist, listing the exact labs you need to order to ensure all pieces of your wellness puzzle are tested.
Are you dealing with weight management issues?

Did you know that weight management issues are often a symptom of something going on in the body? That's right, it isn't all about calories in vs calories out!

This Annual Wellness Labs Checklist is going to give you a comprehensive list of blood tests to run. This is really important as the majority of the time doctors are NOT running full labs. Meaning, they aren’t running comprehensive panels that look at the various puzzle pieces. The problem with that is critical information can be left out.

The other issue is that the results are interpreted within the "normal" range. Unfortunately “normal” ranges are really broad, number one, but number two, they are built off the general population – and all we need to do is look around to see that the general population isn’t healthy.

In the checklist, I review 3 key blood markers & give you the optimal range for each - which is far more narrow than the normal range. Getting your numbers into these ranges will help your body function the way that it should, allowing you to look and feel your best physically, mentally & emotionally.

Because by the time you are outside of what the doctor calls “normal”, your issue has become chronic and it is much harder to address. Certainly not impossible, but your healing journey is longer and harder. I don’t want that for you!

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