Lose Weight, Enhance Your Hormone Health & Improve Your Gut in Just 7 Weeks

Ready for more energy, balanced moods, better sleep and NO MORE cravings? 

Begins May 22nd!

Can we get really honest for a moment please?
How often have you told yourself that you are destined to be at the weight you are currently sitting at forever?

That you have tried it all and nothing has worked, so there must be something wrong with you or your effort?

Have you tried to convince yourself that what you are feeling - physically, mentally, and emotionally - is just normal? 
(When you can feel, in our gut, that it’s not normal.)

I urge you to pay attention to your intuition....

Because your body is telling you something…. and it’s time you listened.

No, really!

You shouldn't have to starve yourself to lose weight.

You aren't meant to workout hours a day just to try and keep from gaining more weight...much less losing any!

Is any of that resonating with you?

Unfortunately, this is the reality for so many people. 

They accept the roller coaster of mental and physical health and buy into the lie:

“This is just part of getting older” or "This is just part of life"...

No! I am here to tell you that is 100% not the case!

I want you to know...

There is hope and there is healing.

There are real reasons and answers as to why you are finding it difficult to manage your weight....

And it doesn’t come with hours in the gym or weighing every piece of food you consume.

I would love to support you on your journey and show you that healing is possible!

The way you are feeling now does not have to be your reality…

And you do not have to just live with it!

I promise there is a better way!

Introducing: The Healthy Weight Method

Weight loss is so much more than calories in vs calories out. 

Sure, that may work in the short term, but those intense workouts and low calorie diets aren’t sustainable...

and I know you know, as soon as you stop either one of those, the weight comes back on…and then some!

To not only lose weight, but keep it off long term, you need to balance your hormones, fix your gut health, decrease your toxic load and increase your body’s natural detoxification processes… and yes, that includes pooping regularly!

In The Healthy weight method, we'll cover my 7 Pillars of Health 

(Nutrition, Sleep, Stress Management, Exercise, Gut Health, Low-Tox Living and Supplements) 

in depth so that you ensure you are covering all the bases to create sustainable weight loss

that doesn’t have you spending hours in the gym or forever counting calories and weighing food…

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

I am so ready to see your happy and healthy future! It’s time to take the next step towards it:

What You'll Get

The Healthy Weight method is a 7-week program designed to assist you in finding and maintaining your perfect weight!

With 26 lessons and hours of expert content, you’ll gain valuable information and daily tools to help you address your weight from a natural, holistic perspective! Not to mention the exclusive worksheets and access to our exclusive community - which is full of support and resources! We’re a no-judgment zone - just women supporting women trying to live their best lives.

 I guarantee you will learn so much about how to naturally support your ideal weight, and you’ll walk away feeling more equipped than ever before to reach your goals (and keep them)!

So let’s break it down! Through the 7-week program, you’ll receive a weekly module packed with information, worksheets, implementation tips, and so much more. 

When it's all said and done, you’ll have an incredible extensive experience and framework to naturally manage your weight.

The Experience

module 1:  Why What you've been doing hasn't been working ($97 VALUE)

This topic is a favorite of mine. Why? Because it is so empowering! There isn't something wrong with you. You aren't lazy or simply not trying hard enough! No, there is something going on in your body physiologically that is preventing you from getting to the weight you want to be. I am going to show you why calories in vs calories out and the whole eat less and move more simply isn't going to get you to where you want to be. 

Your hormones have a lot to do with weight management, so we are going to talk about what the endocrine system is and what it does...And then we are going to get you prepared to embark on this awesome journey! After all, preparation is central to success.  

Module 2:  Gut Health, Poop and Your Weight ($297 VALUE)

Gut health is paramount to weight management. Not only does gut health have a direct impact on hormone health, it is also where you provide your body with the nutrients it needs to function optimally. If it isn't, then losing and maintaining weight is going to be an uphill battle. 

In this module, we are going to discuss poop - yes, you read that right. Poop. It tells us so much about what is going on in your body. For example, is there inflammation occurring? If so, you are going to find it near impossible to lose weight. We will then discuss what to feed your gut and how things like stress and sleep impact your gut health so that you can get yours working the way it should...and start losing those unwanted pounds. We will also look at potential reasons behind your gut and weight issues. Perhaps you have a Candida overgrowth that is making you bloated, tired, crave sugar and gain weight. Addressing the root of the issue is how you get to where you want and stay there long term. 

Module 3:  Balancing Your Blood Sugar Like a Boss ($197 value)

What is your blood sugar tied to? A lot! Your mood, your energy, your food choices and yes, your weight. How? Well, it directly impacts your hormone health. Everything from your thyroid, to your adrenals and even your sex hormone levels. Pretty important, right? This module comes with my exclusive Blood Sugar Balancing Blueprint, which walks you how to eat, when to eat, what to eat, how to exercise, what supplements can be beneficial and more. You will walk away with a better understanding  of how your blood sugar impacts your daily life.

Module 4:  Stress Less, Weigh Less ($197 value)

Stress is a common part of today's lifestyle, however, it is one of the driving factors behind your weight management issues. No, really! This is especially true if you are carrying a lot of your weight around your midsection. I will explain how and why this happens in detail and then give you my exclusive Adrenal Toolkit so you can support them naturally and effectively...and start slimming and trimming your waistline! 

Module 5:  The Thyroid Conundrum ($197 VALUE)

Ah, yes, the thyroid. Home of hormones. It is also what is in charge of your metabolism. So, if it isn't functioning optimally, your metabolism is going to struggle. It can get so bad that you look at a piece of cake and put on 5 pounds! I joke...kind of! This road map will guide you through what thyroid problems look like, common causes, and natural foods and supplements you can use to support your thyroid for easy weight management!

Module 6:  Those Pesky Hormones ($197 value)

What do the sex hormones look like in your life? Are they making it hard for you to lose weight? The answer is more than likely a resounding yes! In this module I talk about the various symptoms you may be experiencing when certain sex hormones are out of whack. But we won’t just go over what these conditions look like, I will also give you a toolkit full of natural tools to navigate them.

Module 7:  Detoxing - It's more than a juice cleanse ($197 value)

 I am very excited for what this module has to offer! We’ll go over detox basics, what organs are involved and how best to support them, how to get your natural detoxification processes working and the necessary nutrients needed to make this happen. Just like the other modules, this section will come with exclusive worksheets to walk you through this and make the experience even more personalized to your specific needs.

Also included

Personalised supplement plan & 20 minute one on one consult with Jen ($147 Value)
In our appointment:

  • We will troubleshoot any barriers you are experiencing and create solutions to overcome them

  • I will create a tailored supplement plan to provide the exact support your body needs

Live Group Coaching ($297 Value)

  • Week 1: Labs 
    In this group coaching, I am going to give you a comprehensive list of bloods that I recommend you have done to ensure that nothing is overlooked.
    Not only that, I am going to give you the optimal range for each of those to be in...
    So that you know if things are where they should be to have you looking and feeling your best!

  • Week 4: Exercise 
    In this week's group coaching we are going to talk about different workout styles that will support all of the body systems needed, while at the same time assisting weight management.
    We will dive into how many reps and sets are best, different training style and even tempos.
    Having this information will help change your body shape, while keeping your workouts interesting so that you remain motivated to get your body moving...in the right way!

  • Week 7: Make it Stick 
    In this week's coaching, I am going to share some practical tips and tricks to help you keep your mindset strong when times get tough...because they will!
    Your progress won't be linear and there will be back steps along the way.
    Tune in to learn how to keep persevering so you can keep focused and reach your goals.
But, lovely friend, there's more!!!

When you sign up for The Healthy Hormone Method today, you'll get instant access to these bonuses:

Bonus #1: Shopping Guide ($27 Value)

Not only will you get a personalised meal plan tailored to your lifestyle, but I will also give you a shopping list to help you pack your fridge and cupboards full of foods that will support your hormone health!

Bonus #2: Webinar On Going Gluten Free ($97 Value)

Oh goodness, what else can you get for signing up today?! If you enroll in this round of The Healthy Hormone Method, I’ll give you access to a FREE webinar on the psychological aspects of giving up gluten! There’s a lot of buzz in our world today around going gluten-free, so in this webinar, we’ll dive into the nitty-gritty. Is there legitimacy to going gluten-free if you don’t have Coeliac disease? What are the benefits or drawbacks? What does a gluten-free diet look like? We’re gonna have a ton of fun in this one!

BONUS #3: 14 Day Meal Plan ($97 VALUE)

Not only will you get a personalised meal plan tailored to your lifestyle, but I will also give you a shopping list to help you pack your fridge and cupboards full of foods that will support your hormone health!
Join now and you'll get...

Why What You've Been Doing Hasn't Been Working ($97 VALUE)
Gut Health, Poop and Your Weight 
($297 VALUE)
Balancing Your Blood Sugar Like a Boss 
($197 VALUE)
Stress Less, Weigh Less 
($197 VALUE)
The Thyroid Conundrum 
($197 VALUE)
Those Pesky Hormones 
($197 VALUE)
Detoxing - It's More than a Juice Cleanse 
($197 VALUE) 

Personalised supplement plan & 1:1 consult with Jen ($147 VALUE)
Live Group Coaching ($297 VALUE)


Shopping Guide ($27 VALUE)
Webinar on Giving Up Gluten ($97 VALUE)
14 Day Meal Plan ($97 VALUE)

PLUS: You'll get my discount on supplements!
As a practitioner, I can order any testing you might need, plus set up your supplement prescriptions online so they get delivered right to your door! You will also have access to a wide range of health products at 10% off the retail price!
A Note From Jen

Hello, lovely!

I’m Jen - a Naturopath and Nutritionist with a Master's in both Psychology and Health Studies. I’d like to share a bit about my own journey with you if you’ll give a moment of your time!

From a young age, I struggled immensely with IBS symptoms and overall poor gut health. When I reached puberty, I was greeted by heavy and painful periods. When I was 17, I started having terrible headaches at least half the month, including severely crippling migraines around my cycle, and that’s not even touching on how painful my cycles were.

My lovely friend, I couldn’t go to school or work. All I could do was lay on the floor, curl into a ball, and cry. Do you feel that? (If anyone has ever told you that pain is just part of being a woman, I have some stern words for them!)

My childhood, adolescence, and 20s were a time of fatigue and pain.

When I turned 26, my periods stopped altogether - and I didn’t have one for another two years! It was during my time studying to get my second Master’s and I remember waking up one morning being too tired to get out of bed. My life shifted suddenly from being a young, fit personal trainer to someone feeling overwhelmed by the mountain of health challenges she was suddenly facing.

My lovely friend, what a mountain it was!

Over the next two years, I was diagnosed with PCOS, infertility, pre-diabetes, a migraine disorder, vertigo, adrenal fatigue, and a damaged liver (worse than an alcoholic’s liver and I don’t even drink!). Lastly, as the cherry on the cake, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s at 28 years old.

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed and drained with life that all you can do is lay in bed and stare at the ceiling? When everything feels wrong and no one has answers?

I get it - I’ve been there. It’s exhausting. But I am so proud of you for sticking it out because there is a better way!

I knew I wanted something other than what the 5 doctors and Naturopath I had seen had recommended. I didn’t want a pain-filled life full of unanswered questions. So I made the decision to change my lifestyle. I switched up my diet and got onto supplements - with an emphasis on treating my life from a natural perspective.

Within 3 months… My period was back!

All my other ailments - one by one - faded away as I reclaimed my life through my choices every day. My body was being brought into equilibrium and everything was balancing out! As I dove into understanding my health, I knew I needed to let go of my toxic load. When I did, my Hashimoto’s went into remission. With this beautiful change, I knew I needed to help other women make their journey into natural health and wellness, so I went to school to become a Naturopath and Nutritionist.

My Hashi’s has been in remission since I was 31 and I am symptom free from my other conditions. Now, seven years later, I am happy, healthy, and full of energy. I wake up in the morning ready to seize the day - a day filled with joy! Smiling and laughing come so easily now and I never thought that would be my reality.

Plus, should I choose, I can now have children!

My lovely friend, I am sending you a virtual hug as you read this and prepare to start on this journey. Please know that your life is not meant to be lived in pain and feeling ill. It’s not “part of being a woman” or “just a side effect of life” - it’s a real issue and you’re not imagining it. You’re not making a mountain out of a molehill. This is not something every woman deals with. Your pain - physical, mental, and emotional - is valid.

I want to see you be the happiest, healthiest version of yourself. So, today, I am inviting you to partner with me on your journey. I want to help you take this step into natural hormone health and be on this journey with you.

There is hope and there is healing.

See you in the program!


 What are you waiting for? 

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