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My all time favourite antioxidant drink that packs a powerful punch!

One of the many reasons to drink NingXia Red is that it supplies the body with important antioxidants. Before I go any further, I want to explain what oxidants are and why it is important that we have antioxidants. 

In the most basic terms, oxidants cause things to rust. When it comes to our cells, we are all getting rusty. Living in a modern world, we are exposed to many oxidants, like pollution and pesticides. They cause our cells to age and may contribute to suboptimal health.

Our body experiences a natural phenomenon called oxidation every day, which can produce harmful byproducts called free radicals. If left uncontrolled, these free radicals can damage cells. Free radical damage can be accelerated by pollution, stress, toxins, smoking, and alcohol.

This is why we need antioxidants. They keep us healthy and looking and feeling young! Awesome right? 
Antioxidants are nutrients that help fight off the damaging effects of free radicals. They are very beneficial for optimal health, but you don’t need high amounts of any one antioxidant, no matter how powerful it is. 

To create the strongest defence against free radicals, the body needs an array of many different antioxidants. NingXia provides us with that...but more on that later.

Ningxia wolfberries are also known as Goji berries. Our wolfberry comes from the Ningxia Province in northern China, where it has been revered for centuries. 

It contains every essential amino acid. Do you know what it means for something to be essential? Basically, it means that our bodies cannot manufacture it on their own, it MUST be consumed from diet and/or supplementation. 

While our bodies can make some amino acids, it cannot make them all, which means some of them are essential. NingXia has all of the essential amino acids, which is amazing! 

The wolfberry also contains 13 percent protein—the highest protein content of any fruit. And while this is incredible, please don’t think that you are getting 13% of your daily protein requirement from it. I am simply pointing out that the wolfberry itself if quite high in protein.

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From an antioxidant perspective, 30ml of NingXia Red has the antioxidant equivalent of 814 blueberries!! Say what?!

The wolfberry has an ORAC value of 25,300. You only need 20g of them per day to get the RDI. On the other hand, blueberries have an ORAC value of 2,400 and you need 208g to get the RDI. 

NingXia also contains several other nutrient-dense fruits in addition to wolfberry, which brings its ORAC value even higher! It has aronia, blueberry, cherry, pomegranate, and plum. Together, these ingredients provide a wide spectrum of antioxidant activity that will energise, fortify, and replenish your body.

The range of ingredients in this drink offer a balanced approach to antioxidants, which is why so many people experience energy, vitality, and vigor when they start drinking NingXia  daily. 

It really is a whole-body nutrient infusion because it contains powerful, yet balanced ingredients that allow it to support good health and overall wellness.

Another thing I love about NingXia is that it contains MSM - which does so many incredible things within the body. One particular benefit is it promotes the production of glutathione, which is the master antioxidant. It is vital for good health as it supports clearance of harmful substances. 

NingXia Red is one of Young Living’s top sellers! Not surprising given it is both delicious AND nutritious. It contains vital nutrients that might be missing or low in many modern diets, and that could be the key to experiencing abundant wellness and energy. The range of nutrients it contains support physical and emotional wellbeing, making it the perfect way to start the day!  

It really is delicious. It has this sweet, tangy sort of taste. The taste comes from the puree of the entire wolfberry, the exotic fruit extracts and several essential oils. It contains Orange, Tangerine, Lemon, and Yuzu essential oils, all of which contain the rich and powerful constituent d-limonene. Be sure to research what that does! 

I love NingXia because it energises, fortifies and replenishes the body. I like to explain this a bit. We know what it means to energise and to replenish, but do you know what it means to fortify? There are two main definitions. First, to strengthen physically or mentally. The second definition is to provide a defensive work as protection against attack. So, NingXia helps to fortify the body! Think about what that means to your health and wellbeing.

NingXia is awesome because it provides energy and vitality throughout the day, especially if you have two 30ml shots throughout the day - one in the morning and one mid-afternoon. 

I genuinely believe every single person should be drinking this on a daily basis. Seriously, I love this so much I give it to my dogs!
I have no doubt that you will want to NingXia in your life. The best way to get your hands on it is the NingXia Red Premium Starter Kit. It is AMAZING! It comes with (3) 750ml bottles, (32) 60ml sachets and a 5ml bottle of Stress Away essential oil. You also get a few other bits and bobs like the Thieves Waterless Hand Sanitizer.
It is the perfect way to get started with Young Living because it is incredible value for money. You get everything I mentioned (check out the photo to the right) for $244AUD, making it cheaper than a cup of coffee per day...and it has SO many more health benefits!
The recommended daily dose is between 30 - 60ml per day. My husband and I drink 60ml per day as we really notice the energy support on that amount. If, however, cost is a factor, you will still get amazing benefits with 30ml per day. 
Another benefit of a Premium Starter Kit is it gives you wholesale pricing. That is 24% off retail price of ALL our products for LIFE! That is everything from our essential oils to our makeup, our skincare to our supplements and all the way through to our cleaning products. We have HUNDREDS of products to choose from. We really are spoiled for choice. 
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